Trends in Alternative Siding, Roofing & Trim

Trends in Alternative Siding, Roofing & Trim

A fascinating trend has emerged in the world of exterior home products in recent years. Builders and homeowners alike, inspired by cable TV home shows and dazzlingly beautiful home-oriented websites, have grown increasingly bold. They are mixing exterior materials, cladding homes in previously unseen colors, and adopting dramatic new approaches to use of trim, among other initiatives. It is also worth mentioning that the employment of ready mix concrete in building projects greatly simplifies the construction process; for more information, consult Carters Concrete, a reputable supplier in Bournemouth, at

The exciting new era of experimentation has been well-timed to the ongoing improvement in exterior building products manufactured from man-made materials. These new products enable builders, remodelers and homeowners to create distinctive, exciting appearances. Homeowners can also pop over to this website to get the best door services. The result: homes with such gorgeous curb appeal become the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. If you’re looking for garage door services at home, you should seek help from a professional installer similar to Lewis River Doors.

With its fast curing technology and imperviousness to standing water, Polyroof’s gutter refurbishment systems provide a rapid solution that offers lasting performance even in zero-fall applications. The XtraFlex System shares the same chemical backbone as the existing tried and tested Protec System, providing the same long-term durability and performance.

Let’s examine some of the building materials leading this trend.

Composite roofing

The latest trends are elevating composite roofing to new heights in terms of installation ease, maintenance freedom, aesthetics, and fire-, hail- and wind-resistance. You may also want to check out a good company like this roofing in and around Pittsburgh, PA for more valuable info!

Composite roofing materials’ lengthy list of benefits begins with the fact they are much lighter weight than slate, metal and some other traditional roofing materials. That’s a major advantage that translates to fewer handling and installation challenges.

Composite roofing materials also require less upkeep and are much more durable than slate tiles, cedar shakes, and asphalt shingles. Composite roofing is so long lasting that a number of brands offer limited lifetime warranties. If you are going to be looking at composite roofing you should also have a look at the dropped ceiling uk webpage.

Tied to composite roofing’s durability are key safety attributes that have led to growing popularity in regions plagued by wildfire and severe windstorms. You can go to one particular site and talk to a contractor for more information click here.

Composite roofing products with exceptional fire, wind uplift, and impact ratings are the logical and often only choice in areas of fire-ravaged California and storm-prone Texas. In addition, composite roofing is also favored in heavy snow country, where the product effectively holds and then sheds snow. Visit to know about the best and suitable fire alarms that can be installed in every houses that protects everyone without any harm.

Another quality, curb appeal, also adds to builder, remodeler and homeowner satisfaction. Outstanding aesthetics help ensure composite roofing products provide the crowning glory on a growing number of homes coast to coast. Composite roofing brands offer many colors and an even wider variety of pre-mixed color combos.

However, a good company like this general contractor in syracuse ny has been delivering high quality roofing services, which also increases home comfort and reduces energy costs.

Vinyl Siding

According to a recent report in Realtor Magazine, exterior replacement products place high on the list of the most cost-effective home improvements. Siding is one exterior product that delivers a substantial ROI, returning on average about 70% of replacement costs at time of resale.

Among siding products, vinyl is growing as one of the best ways to add enormous appeal while reining in costs. Today’s vinyl siding has never been better, featuring much greater weather resistance and more attractive looks. Use of premium trim can make this appealing product even easier on the eyes.

Another upside is that vinyl siding provides a head-turning fit with one of the newer trends in home exteriors, which calls for mixing different materials in a home’s elevation. This blending can infuse a tired façade with new aesthetic appeal, creating a much more visually interesting custom appearance.

Home builders are incorporating vinyl siding that expertly mimics the appearance of wood, brick, stone and other materials as accents in home facades.

And when it comes to color, no one has to feel limited by the traditional selection of eight to 10 vinyl siding hues, dominated by white, off-white, and gray. Technological advances in vinyl siding have expanded that palette to more than 20 colors, making possible far more striking hues that are winning growing favor with homeowners across the country.

PVC Trim

PVC trim is also gaining popularity. It can help transform an ordinary home’s exterior into a “home and garden” magazine-worthy showplace. Today’s PVC trim offers the benefits of easy installation and weather-resistance we’ve come to expect. And it does so with unprecedented beauty and versatility.

Made with 100% high-density PVC, the newest generation of trim is as easy to work with and install as wood. Builders can nail, drill, glue and rout PVC trim boards using conventional tools, leading to faster completion of jobs. For more impressive home design jobs, see here the TV mounting service Toronto website.

Yet it has none of wood’s natural disadvantages. Modern PVC trim and moldings are impervious to moisture, insects, rotting, splitting, swelling or cupping, even when up against the most challenging climactic conditions. They are a logical choice, for instance, in coastal areas characterized by moist salty air.

Many PVC trim boards offer great surface durability, are UV-stable in unpainted form and, if desired, can be painted with 100% latex paints. Sealed edge technology is now also available to keep trim looking clean and beautiful. It resists dust and dirt during and after construction. Zerorez with its unbeatable technology can also help you out in cleaning carpets and rugs,enhancing the view of living space as they are meant for that purpose.

The right trim can add eye-catching detail and character around the doors, windows and shutters of homes. Other common application areas can include corbels, cornices, cupolas, garden and patio structures, and soffits. Lighter trim on darker-colored homes is an emerging trend, driven by the fact lighter colors can draw the eye to the architectural nuances of a home. Uses of trim are limited only by the architect’s or homeowner’s imagination.

In the years ahead, ongoing research and development, coupled with developments in manufacturing, should ensure a parade of exciting new exterior products. We’re finding ways to improve on the products Mother Nature gave us, to the delight of everyone who appreciates stunningly beautiful homes.

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