Spray Foam For The Unvented

Spray Foam For The Unvented

Sealection® 500 has been Demilec’s flagship product for more than 20 years, and has positioned Demilec as an industry-leading spray foam insulation manufacturer. As an environmentally-friendly product, it delivers superior performance, energy savings, and is an excellent return on investment for architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, making it the ideal choice for insulation. Traditional plaster is made up of water and sand plus cement, gypsum or lime. It’s usually bought as a powder, before being mixed into a stiff paste, which is ideal for applying to walls. Another alternative is to add insulation sheets or boards underneath plaster from Plastering National. To do so, you have two options:
Add the sheets or boards on top of your existing plaster, before adding more plaster, which will considerably eat away at a room or building’s space.
Remove your existing plaster, add insulative materials, then replaster – which is both time consuming and costly, while still being pretty bulky.

Sealection 500 is a cutting-edge formula of open-cell spray foam insulation, which expands 120 times its liquid volume to insulate and seal all cracks, gaps, and joints with a single application, and is easy to install and finish. It has dramatically increased energy efficiency for millions of residential and commercial property owners. This translates to a high-performing product for builders, shorter application, and finishing times for contractors, and lower energy bills for homeowners and commercial building owners.Moreover,it is as affordable as pest control services.

Sealection 500 is a spray-applied adhesive, which once applied, expands in place using water-blown technology, without CFCs, HCFCs, or ozone-depleting chemicals. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, Sealection 500 will maintain its performance; time and temperature have no effect on the spray foam insulation’s R-value of 3.81 at 1 inch. Sealection 500 never deteriorates or decomposes. The product retains its shape and half-pound density over time, and never settles or compacts.

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