Exterior Pictures From Selected Designs

A top-quality image of the outside of a property is absolutely vital for success in the real estate business. In fact, many first impressions when purchasing real estate are based solely on exterior photos. If clients find the exterior image attractive, they are more likely to call the agent for a closer inspection of the property. If exterior images are shot poorly (or are non-existent), prospective buyers will typically pass on the property without giving it a second thought.

As a professional real estate photographer, you must have the ability to take stunning exterior photos that can catch someone’s attention and make them want to see more. Below are some simple but effective tips in taking high-quality exterior shots for real estate and for renovations go see the Construction – bragabuildings.com/portfolio.

1. Make sure the property is ready for the shoot.
Before the shoot, work with the realtor or property owner to make sure the space is ready to be photographed. Think about it: would you leave your hair uncombed before having your portrait taken? Of course not! The same principle goes for real estate photography. Make sure the yard is tidied up, any cars are moved and unflattering objects like garbage bins are moved out of the way. Also look at the TIPS FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT GARAGE DOOR COMPANY to make your home more beautiful.

2. Think about the position of the sun.
Think about which way the house faces and the time of day you’ll be shooting. Try to book the shoot so that the sun is striking the house perfectly when you are there. If you can, shoot the exterior whenever the light on the house will be softest—usually the time furthest away from noon—whether that be at the beginning or end of your shoot. Avoid shooting at noon when the sun is directly overhead creating extreme highlights and dark shadows on the exterior of the home.

If it’s an overcast day, don’t fret. The overcast sky acts as a giant diffuser, which dissipates shadows and provides nice even lighting. Blue skies can always be added in post-processing.

Thinking about the position of the sun will help you show off the exterior of the property in the best possible light.

3. Take dusk or early-evening shots.
Many property exteriors truly come alive when the sunsets. Switch on all exterior and interior lights at dusk. Ideally, the brightness of the property’s light should match that of the sky. Offering additional dusk shots can be a great thing to “up-sell” to your agents, enabling them to show off the house at different times of the day.

4. Try another angle.
Get creative! After you’ve got your “safe shot,” try shooting the house at different angles to figure out which side of the property is most flattering. Creative takes on an exterior shot can help separate your work from other real estate photography professionals.

5. Use a tripod and your camera’s timer.
For the sharpest results, mount your camera on a tripod and use your camera’s timer to take the photo. Doing so eliminates the camera shake, which causes the photo to become blurry. For long exposure times such as in low light at dusk, a tripod is a must.